ये जो तुम इन हवाओं को मुझ तक भेजते होउनसे बातें करते होउनसे मेरा हाल पूछते होज़रा ये बतानाक्या तुम उन्हें उतना ही महसूस करते हो जितना मुझे करते थे?क्या वो तुम्हारे बालों में अपना हांथ फेरते हैं?क्या वो तुम्हारे गालों को नर्मता से छूते हैं?क्या वो तुम्हारे होंठो को चूमते हैं?क्या वो तुम्हे मेरे […]


…and you painted me with your words. You loved me and you did not. I screamed and I shrieked, I cut my wounds again and thereby I was able to breathe. I set you free that day and I myself am bonded now. How would I live when all I do is dying every other […]

Just a Letter!

Dearest Aditi, Drinking tea? I bet you are. How are you doing? I did not wish to start the letter with such cliche questions but now that this year 2020 has taught me that these cliche questions are what make one’s lives and relations healthy and worth living, I will continue to ask. Hopefully, you […]


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