Relationship and Whataboutery

You might have come across such instances where you or someone acquainted to you have been dealing with a person who is a very nice human being. With them, you share a really good bond. That you talk for hours and hours with them, or maybe sometimes not at all, but at the end of […]


‘There are a lot of things that still needs to be changed. A lot needs to change.’ Last year (in 2019) the film (documentary): PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE, directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, produced by Milessa Berton, won the Academy for Best Documentary Short Subject. There are a few lines from the film which is the […]

scars and your skin

your skin is such a goldin the sun, it glowsin the moon, it blowsextreme heat it has been throughnobody sees once it was an oreso much in painso much it drained.everybody just sees the glownobody wishes to talk about how did it pure,so smooth,so exquisite,i wish to endure.i know it won’t be in vain,if […]

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